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We believe that most folks just want a fix for whatever problem their machine has as soon as possible and at the least cost possible!   We try to do just that, with the utmost convenience for you!
To provide that convenience, we offer THREE SERVICE CHOICES:
1. "Drop off" shop service at our place.  (Directions & interactive map at the bottom of the next page.)   Please call first to be sure we will be in when you  arrive. This option is the Lowest cost to you!

2. "Pick up and delivery"  Small fixed travel charge based upon distance within a 25 mile radius of Grayson, Ky.  Longer distances may be considered and charged on a case by case basis.  (See details below and limits in "Important Notice" section near the bottom on page 1).
3. "On-Site" service  within a 25 mile radius of Grayson, Ky.  is available for all commercial accounts.   (See details below and limits in "Important Notice" section as noted above on page 1.)                NOTE:  Not all services can be performed "on-site".

We try to keep things simple and informal, so just call me and tell me about your computer problem,  at (606) 315-6708 or (606) 474-2817 and I'll give you an estimate.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver to you what we try to make the most convenient and affordable computer and software service in the Grayson / Carter County area.


For our commercial clients and others who may wish to see a more formal breakdown of our services and policies, we include the following detailed list of offered services, pricing, and the most common special situations and contingencies which may occur!    

* Basic Service   "Bench Fee"   and Included Services
On ALL service orders; "Drop off", "Pick-up & Delivery" or "On-Site", we have a  basic fee of  $45.00  which is payable at either time of customer drop-off, pick-up or delivery.  This covers initial diagnostic evaluation  and the first half hour of laborMany routine tune-ups,  basic virus scan / removals,  minor software fixes and some basic Operating System adjustments can be done with no  further  costs to you!      If further work is needed you will be advised at once, or very shortly by phoneIn that case, the $45.00 fee, if already paid, is credited toward the total final billing.  If further work is needed, but you choose not to have it done at this time, the $45.00 fee is considered as earned for the evaluation and any adjustments or work already done.
* "Dead Machine" service   
Special conditions are now in effect for servicing totally inoperative or non-bootable machines of all typesMany shops no longer accept such machines in for service, however, we have chosen to continue to do so but have enacted special provisions regarding this.   If we agree to accept such a machine for repair we require a $45.00 non-refundable deposit IN ADVANCE on a "Fix or no-fix" basis.  We will make every reasonable effort to repair your machine, but make no guarantee of doing so.    If the repair is successful, we will apply the entire deposit toward the final bill. If we determine that we cannot make a reasonable repair the machine will be returned to you in essentially the same condition as received and the $45.00 fee retained for labor & time.  If a pick up & delivery or on-site service call is requested by customer, the appropriate travel charge will be added to the deposit.
* Pick-up & Delivery or On-Site Service travel charge 
(per service ticket)  Minimum is $20.00  (Up to a 25 mile round trip)
 Maximum is $40.00. (Up to 50 mile round trip) (Pick-up & Delivery trips are charged as only one round trip!)
* Emergency Call-Out  (Commercial Accounts Only)
Weekdays 9-5:  Regular posted rates plus $100.00 call-out fee.
Evening/night weekdays:  Regular posted rates plus $150.00 call-out fee.
Weekends 9-5:  Regular posted rates plus $200.00 call-out fee.
Evening/night weekends:  Regular posted rates plus $300.00 call-out fee.
NOTE: A "weekend" is any time between our closing on a Friday and opening on the following Monday.
* Routine services not requiring hardware repair, such as Diagnostic Evaluation, Tune Ups, Basic Virus Removal (Quick Scan), simple program installation & physical cleaning:  
$45.00 each machine,  plus pick up or travel charge (if applicable).  If multiple routine services are done on the same machine and call, total charge is $55.00 per machine  plus travel charge (if applicable).
Complete Virus, Trojan & Malware Scan and Removal.
Standard home or office laptop or desktop, may be done on-site or in our shop.  Total charge is $75.00, plus travel (if applicable).  This includes at least three passes each with three or more different scanning programs.
For larger drives or high capacity commercial machines, this may take one or more full days to complete and therefore must be done in our shop.  Charge is $150.00. plus travel charge (if applicable).
* Recovery & restoration of a crashed system, with customer provided original OS CD: or internal restoration files: $75.00 to $110.00 plus travel (if applicable).  Without original OS CD and if system cannot be recovered by  internal means: $75 to $110.00 plus cost of restore software and travel charge (if applicable).  If we determine there are non-software problems causing the crash, such as hardware failure or a power surge, (or if major file recovery procedures are required), further charges may be calculated on our hourly labor rate of $45.00 and may require shop time and/or new hardware.  Extreme cases requiring advanced data recovery methods will be quoted on a case by case basisIf any of these situations exist, you will be advised prior to any work beyond initial evaluation.  (When requested, personal data restoration will be attempted, but cannot be guaranteed and may not be possible without current back-up media provided by you.)
* On site Installation and set-up of a NEW computer, (not purchased from us), with normal peripheral equipment (printer, modem, wired or wireless networking up to two computers, etc.):  $95.00 if all installation CDs or internal installation files and materials are available, plus travel charge as above.
* On site Re-location / Re-installation and set up of an EXISTING computer with current peripherals & with available original OS CDs or if current Operating System or internal restore system is still operable on machine:  $70.00 plus travel charge.  Without original OS installation CDs and OS or internal restore is not operable, or with major upgrades:   $90.00 plus travel charge, OR at our option, at our hourly labor rate of $45.00 after two hours on site plus cost of restore disks, if required.
     (Does NOT apply to re-installation of a machine taken to our shop for routine repairs as basic re-installation is included in the service.)
* Hardware replacement or repair, or new, replacement or upgraded network installation (wired or wireless) and any other extensive or complex work may be billed at our hourly labor rate of $45.00 plus travel charge (if applicable).  A reasonably accurate estimate will be provided in advance, however, actual costs may vary somewhat due to cost of parts or unforeseen damage or failures. A full explanation of any variation in estimated costs will be provided before work continues.
*In all cases, the customer will be asked to pay in advance, the estimated cost of any hardware items or new software (including shipping) which must be ordered to complete the repair or upgrade.
Laptop / Notebook services are the same as above except where a major or complete teardown is required  (as in the case of a DC power jack, I/O board, motherboard or some screen repairs or replacements) in which case the base labor charge is $100.00 plus parts and travel charge (if applicable).
* At rare times it may be necessary to subcontract certain types of major work requiring highly specialized equipment or a larger staff than we have (such as advanced data recovery, large network installation, business point of sale equipment,  etc.) to one of our independent contractors.  If so, you will be advised of that and provided the best estimate of the costs, which may vary from ours, prior to any further work.
* Small Business clients are NOT charged a higher rate than home based customers, however, for a business with multiple machines and peripherals, we do reserve the right to use our hourly rate of $45.00.  (This rate is per "man hour", if two technicians are on site the hourly rate would be $90.00, etc.)
Annual service contracts are available for a reduced cost per call if you anticipate frequent service needs or desire a regular maintenance schedule.
* Senior Citizens (like me) 65 & over, churches, non-profit religious organizations & charities receive a 10% discount on all of our already low charges!
* We try to keep our overhead and advertising costs to a minimum in order to provide you, the customer, with the lowest fees for comparable services we are aware of in this area!  You can help us maintain these low rates by referring friends, neighbors and co-workers to us! 
* Our policies of not normally extending credit terms and requiring pre-payment on special order hardware or software are also methods we use to avoid financial losses and thereby maintain our very low hourly labor rate and flat rate fees.

* In every case, our policy and goal is open disclosure, fair pricing, quality work and customer satisfaction.  Customer references are available upon request.

During regular business hours Mon-Sat contact us by calling either phone number below or by automated 24 hour answering on the same numbers after hours.  
We may also be reached by e-mail (see below) and on next page. 
We are also on FaceBook at: GR the computer guy.

Location:                                             Phone:
101 East Sunset Hill Road                     Day Mobile: 606-315-6708
Grayson, KY 41143-7379                       Alternate: 606-474-2817  
                                                            (Res & Fax)                      
Hours:                                                  E-Mail: gredecker9@hotmail.com
Mon - Fri: 9 AM - 5 PM
Sat: 12 Noon - 5 PM or by appointment

                Please call first before coming to our shop as we do pick-up and on-site
                calls from time to time and may be out.   If so, just leave a message or
                name and number so we can call you back right away!

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